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Learn more about this analog and digital camcorder instructional video. Laugh and learn camcorder technique from professional videographers Dan Strickler and Whitney Rydbeck. You can order this guide to video cameras, quickly and easily, by clicking here at our secure website.

In this age of the automatic digital camera, it's easy to sit back and let the camera do all the work. But are you really in control of the image? If you're the owner of a new digital camcorder or a "fusion" still camera such as the Canon 7D or if you are thinking of purchasing one, get the most of your investment by increasing your camera skills with this highly informative and practical guide for camcorder use. Learn the photographic principles used by cinematographers and gain full control of your camcorder.

This award-winning instructional video is organized into six easy lessons with 44 chapters. Jam-packed with useful information, the CAMERA COMMAND instructional DVD starts with a detailed explanation of f-stops, shutter speeds and gain control and how exactly these factors work together to control exposure and depth-of-field. CAMERA COMMAND moves on to carefully explain the properites of focal length, lens theory and history. It also includes many practical tips on exposure, the purchase of photographic lenses, filtering, focusing technique and so much more! If you're serious about taking your camera work to the next level, join the many students and professional videographers who have praised this funny, fast-paced, easy-to-understand guide to camcorder operation. Whether you own the latest digital camera or an old anolog model, CAMERA COMMAND will teach you the fundanmental skills of photography that will last you a lifetime. 

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