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RAVAS Laboratories is the fictional setting for CAMERA COMMAND, an educational DVD for analog and digital camera users.The Camera Command video takes place at RAVAS Laboratories where the odd-ball "scientists", Dan and Dr. Rydbeck are busy at work inventing cutting-edge products for the video industry.

The latest breakthrough product from RAVAS is the YamCAM.

In case you hadn't guessed, RAVAS Laboratories is a complete fiction. However, the RAVAS Partners (the makers of this video) are real flesh and blood videographers with a strong background in photography. "Camera Command" was the brainchild of Hall and Strickler and began as a modest presentation for a group of professional videographers in New Jersey. The response was so overwhelming that they decided to expand the piece into a full-length instructional video.

The RAVAS Partners, the creators of CAMERA COMMAND, a camcorder training video. Pictured left to right are Dan Strickler, Whitney Rydbeck and Dave Hall.           The
  RAVAS Partners
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