Dan Strickler, producer, director and writer of corporate training videos, instructional videos and event videography. Dan Strickler
Writer, Director & Actor

Dan started in video back in the early eighties, shooting projects with clunky shoulder-pack video recorders on " reel- to- reel tape. Along the way, he's worked for ABC, ESPN and VUE, an Emmy award-winning production company he helped to create. His experience as a director/producer includes corporate, instructional and video documentary projects as well as event videography.

Experienced on both sides of the camera, Dan has a twenty-five year career as an actor and has appeared in plays with some of the leading theaters in the country. His credits include, soap opera, sit-com, industrial, feature film and over 150 commercials. He is a member of all three acting unions, Dan Strickler, actor on stage, screen and TV, as he appeared in three national commercials. Dan created and conducts workshops throughout New York and New Jersey on "Acting for the Camera", "Acting in Commercials" and a workshop for "Young Videomakers".

He is an active member and has received numerous awards from the Media Communications Association-International, WEVA International and the North Jersey Videographer's Association (NJVA) where he serves on the board of directors.

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