Dave Hall, cameraman and video editor, is owner of DAVIDEO MULTIMEDIA, the award-winning video production company responsible for CAMERA COMMAND. Dave Hall
Camera, Lights & Editing

His life behind the viewfinder began at age 15, when he inherited his grandfather's large format still camera. This led to his early mastery of shutter speeds, f-stops, depth of field, and composition. His specialty quickly became time-lapse and multiple exposure photography. As a kid, Dave cut his teeth making eight-millimeter movies but when the camcorder was invented, he switched to video and never looked back.

As a professional cameraman since 1986, Dave has logged well over 400 assignments in video field production. Over the years, he's worked on corporate video production for AT&T, AlliedSignal, Exxon, Merrill Lynch and Sandoz, Accura, Easter Seals and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Dave Hall, owner of DAVIDEO MULTIMEDIA, fell in love with video cameras at an early age.

Equal to his love for cameras is his passion for editing. In fact, some people have attributed the demise of his first marriage to his editing lust.

3D graphics and animation round out Dave's video palette. He has created computer generated graphics (CGI) for many companies, including The St. Regis Hotel, Videosyncrasy, Bitcon Productions, Kleer Video Productioins and Allied Signal.

Dave is owner and creative director of DAVIDEO MULTIMEDIA LLC, a full service video production company, responsible for the creation of CAMERA COMMAND. Davodeo logo.gif (4125 bytes)

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