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Fusion is a fancy way of describing a new breed of digital SLR cameras that are  capable of shooting both stills and stunning HD video. They are currently making big waves among both professional  still photgrahpers and videographers. So what can they do that can't be done with a video camera?  These cameras have an image sensor that is fairly large, measuring almost one inch in width. 

The larger the imaging area, the easier it is to achieve a narrow depth-of-field. In other words, you can be much more selective about what part of the image is in focus and what part is blurred.  Most of the  smaller video cameras come with  a 1/4 inch  image sensor. With those cameras, narrow depth-of-field is very difficult to achieve except at the telephoto end of the zoom range.

Additionally, the larger image sensor allows for far greater light sensitivity. HD  generally needs a lot more light then standard definition video. The larger sensor gathers more light and lets you get away with far less supplemental lighting, making it possible to achieve a much more natural look. And lastly, these "fusion"  cameras allow for a full array of lenses. Only the more expensive video cameras  support multiple lens choices and those lenses tend to be quite expensive, many thousands of dollars. Let me emphasize that these cameras produce a stunning image that is hard to tell apart from a 35 mm motion picture camera?

SEE FOR YOURSELF  Don't just take our word for it. STILLMOTION out of Toronto is one of the companies that is leading the way with these new "fusion" cameras. Take a look at their work.  
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SO WHAT'S THE DOWNSIDE?  These are NOT video cameras but rather still cameras that also shoot video. The viewfinder is frustrating for many shooting situations. It is an awkward shape for long continuous shooting, you can only shoot about 12 continuous minutes and the audio is not fully professional You have no way of monitoring the sound through the camera and there are no XLR inputs. But many serious videographers are willing to put up with the these cameras shortcomings in order to reap their fantastic images.

ONE STEP INTO THE FUTURE, ONE INTO THE PAST  The modern video camera has many auto features which a lot of camcorder users have come to rely on. These new fusion cameras require manual focusing in the video mode and an understanding of f-stops, shutter-speed, and focal length, just like the manual cameras our grandfathers used in the fifties or the large Panavision cameras that professional cinematographers still use today. That's where Camera Command comes in. Let the DVD help you understand these basic photographic principles and take full advantage of these marvelous new cameras.

Camera Command is produced by RAVAS Partners in association with EFFECT LLC
Copyright 2003