EFFECT LLC Privacy Statement

This statement explains our practices concerning the collection and use of customer information. We have respect for personal privacy and only wish to use the information you provide us, to improve subsequent versions of our video and to inform you of its availability.

What information we collect online

We require only the information to register your product. Items for these purposes are indicated by red asterisks on the entry forms. We also request optional information such as e-mail address, phone number, etc.

If you choose to provide requested optional information, we may contact you in order to find out whether our video has been an effective learning tool for you. We, of course, encourage e-mails. HOTLINK TO E-MAIL SITE.

What types of information we do not collect

Unless you register your video, EFFECT LLC does not collect or know your name or e-mail address. EFFECT LLC does not follow your browsing activity outside of our site.

In order to keep improving our Web site, we do study how people use it, and which areas of the site are most popular. We may collect information, including site usage statistics and transaction information. If you provide your e-mail, postal address or phone number, we may use them to communicate with you. Please let us know if you don't want us to contact you. Please don't contact me.

EFFECT LLC respects your interest in your personal information. We do not sell or rent names or other identifying information to outside parties.
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